About Us

The Company – “The people with solutions”

As is it is said by Joseph Stalin “ It is time to realise that of all the valuable capital the world possesses, the most valuable and most decisive is people”.

In the epoch of advents, Parth, the people with a humungous range of solutions cater to all organisations leveraging virtual and professional support system for all respective requisites.

An organisation teemed up with a prolific team of competencies in the diverse areas helping companies integrate the World Wide Web & Interactive Media into their business dimensions and related activities. Utilizing them, we demonstrate different ways to the companies, for marketing their products and services in minimal costs.

Parth excel from the run-off-the-mills of the formula of generic solution modules further nurturing expertise and professionalism to cater to organisations garnering their trust.

Parth – “The opportunity capital sphere”

As a group Parth is abound with plethora of experience of Internet & Interactive Media. The company’s nascence hasn’t restrained but persistently implored to forge ahead to capitalising the opportunities in the growing market for IT services in India.

Our Vision – “Envisaging new horizons”

To being an upstanding company with holistic solutions for organisations, with a cinching clutch of trusts and value as the principles and ethos towards customers.

The Services – “Fortes on to the crest”

We provide complete end-to-end web solutions, complex e-commerce applications, database management, corporate Intranet applications, corporate mail solutions, web designing and promotion, Graphic & Interactive solutions, 3D presentations.

Infrastructure and skill sets – “Penultimate professional potency and competency”

The company has its headquartered in Mumbai, India. On the technology front the company has the requisite skill sets in executing web solutions, high-end e-commerce, database management, Internet application scripting, Interactive Media Applications etc.

Why Us?

  • Quality and customer satisfaction come first.
  • More than 10 years of experience
  • We value our client's Data & Privacy
  • Flexible in our approach
  • Creative Ideas & Committed execution